Why identity matters

In this article, we’ll explore the psychology of identity i.e. what makes you, you. It’s one of the most important concepts in psychology. Understanding why identity matters helps explain a lot of psychological phenomena. Our identity is how we see ourselves or how we believe others see us. Our ego or ‘sense of self’ is …

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10 Ego defence mechanisms in psychology

This post will discuss 10 common ego defence mechanisms that we encounter regularly in our day-to-day lives. Your ego is your sense of self or ‘I’. Technically, your ego is your conscious mind. We all desire to feel worthy and stay psychologically stable. Now when something happens that threatens our well-being or decreases our self-worth, …

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What is meant by psychological stability?

brain and energy

This article will explore the concept of psychological stability and explain how some of our behaviours can be understood in the light of psychological stability. Almost every system in the world interacts with some other system so that stability is attained. Every phenomenon that occurs in nature is a result of energy exchanges between two …

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How our past experiences shape our personality

This article will discuss the concept of core beliefs and how our past experiences shape our personality. Our beliefs and needs are the strongest factors that govern our behaviour. Ultimately, it all comes down to beliefs because a need is also a belief- a belief that we lack something. When we’re born, our brains aren’t fully developed. …

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How to build self-confidence (4 steps)

Self-confidence simply means having faith in your abilities. It is a belief that you have the required skills to successfully handle a particular situation. If you are sure about your ability to handle a certain life situation, then you will feel confident whenever you encounter that situation. That’s all there is to self-confidence, yet people keep on …

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How to have courage

how to have courage

Courage is the ability to face fears and move through them. A lot of people have the misconception that courageous people are unafraid all the time. The truth is that people with courage are also humans who feel the emotion of fear. The only reason why they are able to build courage is that they …

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How to be more open minded?

reading to be open-minded

People keep talking about the importance of being open-minded but they rarely talk about how to be open-minded. Or why it’s so hard to become more open-minded. Open-mindedness is indeed one of the most important personality traits that one must seek to develop. A closed-minded person can never be truly free for they dwell in …

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Understanding the psychology of stinginess

stingy woman

Stinginess is the opposite of generosity. While a generous person gives freely- often finding giving a pleasurable activity, a stingy person withholds and finds giving hard and uncomfortable. Though stinginess is commonly associated with money, it manifests in other areas too. Stingy people find it hard to give or lend money to others. They take …

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Oversensitive people (10 Key traits)

Over-sensitivity is a personality trait in which a person is extremely sensitive to influences from the external environment. An oversensitive person is overly affected by the environmental stimuli that would hardly have an impact on others. An oversensitive person basically processes sensory information more deeply than other people. It has been estimated that over-sensitive people …

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